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Homeschool endeavors starting here. Right here right now. There are about 2 weeks left of summer and I have finally made the choice to homeschool. I had actually made the choice several months ago. At the end of Benjibears 2nd grade school year. But mentally I’ve finally made it. I’m there. It is set in my mind and there is no going back. No wavering back and forth. The decision is final and it has an oddly freeing quality to it. Of course, that freeing feeling is also intertwined in a little anxiety, mixed with a touch of apprehension, and added into a whole lot of excitement that I am going to get to homeschool my two boys, together. I’m excited because I fully believe this path is going to lead us to be a stronger family, a closer family. Grounded in faith. And along with that faith,  patience,  forgiveness, and a whole lotta love. Because we are going to need all three to get us through the next 16 years!