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Faith is the only reason I am here. I am so much like Jonas that if whales were on land, I would have already been gobbled up more than a dozen times already. But I would venture out to say I am not the only one who feels this way. This path God leads us on is a small and tiny one, but it is one that if we choose to stay on it, will please him greatly. My path through most of my early adulthood was wide and curvy. I’ve made many, many mistakes and did not make the best choices. But thankfully,  I’ve found how best to straighten out my path.  By acknowledging God, and not leaning on my own understanding. I don’t have to have everything figured out for things to work in my favor. Because I’m not working in my favor, I’m working in God’s. And Gods word is my light. It directs my path. Raising my children in this is my primary purpose in this life. That they will not have a wavering heart. But will stand strong in Gods word.