Adding our Goats to the Homestead!

We’ve done it! We’ve added our goats to our farm and it has been such a wonderful experience thus far.

We’ve actually had them for a few months. I picked them up in March after they were 8 weeks old, from a farm about an hour away from our home. Crater, Heart, and Scarlet. The backbone of our homestead. 🙂 The journey thus far had been interesting.

From the beginning, Crater (our whether), was bottle fed. My oldest took the bottle feeding upon himself and jumped right in. He could have actually been weaned at this point, and probably should have been, but I wanted to give Benjibear the opportunity to feed him from a bottle.

Over the next month, Crater (who normally has a thick black coat) turned a brownish red color and I noticed some balding on his tail. He also became really skinny. Almost emaciated looking. Copper Deficiency. I treated him once in April and once in May, provided him with loose minerals and a mineral block specifically for goats, and he finally came out of it. I’d read a lot online about how the sheep/goat combo mineral blocks do not contain the appropriate amount of copper for goats, so just FYI for those reading, watch the copper content in any minerals you buy for your goats. I do not have a vet close by who is familiar with goats. But the people I bought them from were so very helpful. He is doing just great now with a dark black coat and a nice, full tail.

Heart and Scarlet are our two does we are going to be using for breeding. They will be ready to be bread when they are about a year old, so January 2019. The girls are not full blooded nigerian dwarfs, but a mix between a few breeds. The gentleman I bought them from is working towards breeding different goats to obtain a goat with the perfect balance bewteen milk and meat. He’s been working towards this goal for the last 7 years. But the reason I chose these goats was because of how sweet and incredibly loving they are. After my previous goat experience, with a shy, untrusting doe, I was excited to see how loving these girls were. And that is what sold me.

The kids have been taking care of them this summer, with the exception of trimming hooves, and they’ve really enjoyed playing out in the pen with them. It warms my heart to see them all together, running with the goats.

Romans 12:11-12  — Work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically. Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying. 


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